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Voice of Okinawa / 冲绳之声

Name of Production: 冲绳之声/Voice of Okinawa

Production: 3 x 3 minute - videos in Chinese language

In early 2017 China Television Service (CTVS) was contacted by the Okinawa tourism office to create a short series of clips introducing the cultural heritage of Okinawa which lies in traditional production of the Awamori (Okinawan sake), Kokuto (brown sugar) and Shiwasa juice (Okinawan lemon).

A crew of five, mixed with both Japanese and Chinese experts, worked during the first week of January 2017 to film the series.

The videos were filmed on 4k footage on 2.39 aspect ratio, allowing the footage to show the natural and pure process of creating Japanese typical products.

Each short story is narrated by the experts producing Kokuoto, Awamori, Shiwasa and describes the production process of each good.

In addition CTVS also added landscape footage in which also depicts Okinawa’s pure landscape (sky, ocean, forests) along with the smooth, harmonious transition towards production process of its 3 main products ( Awamori, Kokuto Shiwasa).\

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